Kimber PepperBlaster 2 Review

Kimber PepperBlaster 2
Designed for effectiveness and ease of use, the PepperBlaster is a potent self-defense pepper spray. The product is shaped like a small pistol and is simple to aim and deploy. The solution is discharged at a high velocity, which ensures that the user isn’t subject to blowback, despite windy weather conditions. Even if an assailant is wearing glasses or a ski mask, the product quickly penetrates the eyes and skin.

This is a great pepper spray for cyclists who may encounter stray dogs, irate drivers or even bears while on a bike trail. Nature may seem serene until a wild ferocious animal wanders into your path. This personal safety weapon resembles a squirt gun and can quickly disable an assailant due to the strength of its active ingredient. Contact with the OC spray causes extreme respiratory distress and temporary blindness.

Key Stats

The product’s most distinctive feature is it’s gun grip trigger. Measuring only 4.7″ L x 1″ W x 3.3″H, the pepper spray pistol can be carried in a holster or held conspicuously in your hand. The product also has an impressive range. Most sprays deploy up to 8-10 feet, whereas this product can be discharged at a distance of 13 feet. The product has a volume of .21 oz., with 2 charges in each pistol.

Most pepper sprays use aerosol, but the PepperBlaster operates with a more powerful method of deployment. It propels OC spray using a pyrotechnic charge and a piston, which dispels the spray at a velocity of 90 mph.

Measuring 2.40% CRC, the spray gel has a more concentrated strength compared to similar devices on the market. 1-2% CRC is typical for most good pepper sprays. The CRC is the number to look at when evaluating the true effectiveness of a pepper spray. The OC is 10% and the SHU is 4 million. The material expires after 5 years and has a list price of 39.99.

Ease of Use

The PepperBlaster has a compact design, can be conspicuously carried and has an ergonomic grip. Deploying the product only requires aiming at the target, pressing the safety and pulling the trigger. After the first shot, simply release the trigger and pull again for a second shot.

The product requires very little pressure to deploy. It looks like a squirt gun, but fires with much more force. Most pepper sprays require gripping and aiming the canister properly to ensure that the product deploys outward toward the assailant, not into the user’s face. However, the Pepperblaster’s pistol-like shape makes it obvious which direction to point the spray.

Pros and Cons

The PepperBlaster’s primary advantage is its high-speed delivery system. The product is much less likely to blow back on the user, compared to products that use aerosol. The 90 mph velocity gives it the power to reach an assailant’s face and eyes, even when they are wearing glasses. Most stream and cone delivery systems do not deploy with enough force to offer this level of penetration. Another key advantage is the product’s range of 13 feet, which gives the user additional room to maneuver.

While the pistol-like shape of the product is easy to grip and fire, some people may not want to carry a self-defense device that resembles an actual weapon. A canister style that can be attached to a keyring or hidden in a lipstick case or fake cell phone may be preferable.

For people in need of a pepper spray product that is effective in adverse weather conditions, even windy days, the Kimber Pepperblaster is a good choice. As the product’s name implies, a blast of pepper can be easily deployed—causing nausea, coughing and temporary blindness. Any threat can be quickly disabled, allowing the user to escape from harm’s way.