Fox Labs Mean Green Pepper Spray Review

fox labs mean green pepper spray

Fox Labs is a recognized leader in the pepper spray industry. In 1997, they came up with the ultimate in self-defense pepper sprays. The Mean Green Pepper Spray is green in color and uses a water-based defense formulation ideal for traversing shopping center parking lots, running for sport and walking to and from the nearest public transportation facility in your local community.

With over 3,000,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU), the spray will bring you peace of mind no matter where you go. It’s also easy to transport and carry in your pants pocket, purse, attached to your belt loop or placed on your nightstand.

Key Stats

The pepper spray is a water-based defense formula that uses organic pepper resin. The resin is so pure and clean that it’s almost virtually clear.

The heavy stream can project between 12 and 15 feet and contains 16-18 half second surges of liquid spray. The green marker dye is also instrumental in identifying and capturing assailants.

Fox Labs is known for making quality products. When you’re looking to stop an intruder or dog in its tracks, you want only the best. At approximately 20.4% Capsaicinoids, Mean Green pepper spray is the ultimate defense mechanism. This allows the product to hold the toughest stopping capabilities that only few pepper spray companies can brag about.

The green-dye formula is also an added benefit as it allows the person being attacked the opportunity to identify the assailant and have them properly charged.

Ease of Use

The product is easy to store whether you’re carrying it in your purse, car or pockets. Without any tough switches or applicators, it’s also simple to conceal and take out at a moment’s notice.

Pros and Cons

The Fox brand is widely known for its high-quality, durability and longevity. The canister is solidly constructed and provides the user with peace of mind. Whether you’re out for an independent stroll, exercising around your neighborhood or taking the dog for a walk, you’re sure to find reassurance with Mean Green.

While some pepper spray products have nozzles that are moveable, and you may easily spray yourself, the Mean Green cap is solidly constructed to help prevent these types of issues.

Mean Green by Fox also comes highly recommended. Whether you’re a law enforcement officer, government official or sheriff, you’ll find the Fox name to be highly regarded.

The cost of the pepper spray doesn’t come cheap, but they are completely reliable. This makes it a necessity when you’re trying to get the most for your money. It’s also helpful when you’re looking to stop an intruder in their tracks.

Because the spray can do extensive damage and extend up to 15 feet, you’ll find it a better alternative to the fogs. Plus, the fog sprays also blow back, even with limited winds.

The flip caps are also a necessity in any emergency. Whether you keep it in your backpack, purse or jacket, you don’t want to have to think about twisting a tip or additional work when faced with a dangerous situation.

Since the canisters come in an array of sizes, you want to ensure that you get the design that suits your own specific needs.