Personal Safety Alarms

Crime can affect anybody anywhere at any given moment.​ Some people are more vulnerable than others, ​ranging from the​ elderly, children, and travellers to runners, joggers and even cyclists. ​Yet even if you don’t belong to one of those categories, it would be dangerous to think you are somehow not at risk.​ Sadly, you could​ well become one criminal’s next victim.

Fortunately, there is a simple and inexpensive way to protect yourself: buying a personal safety alarm. Police and security personnel alike agree that this device can help save your life.
Vigilant 130 dB Personal Alarm

Product Description

Vigilant 130 dB Personal Alarm is an emergency attack alarm in keychain form. The 130 dB alarm is the loudest sold by the manufacturer. It uniquely features a back-up mechanism, which activates the security screamer whistle built in to the alarm in case of a battery failure. The alarm is simply activated by pressing the button on the front of the alarm and deactivated by pressing the button at the back.


•    Not prone to false alarms
•    Has a very loud high pitched sound that is sure to get attention
•    Easy to activate when the need arises
•    Has a clip that can be attached to a purse
•    Comes with a battery already installed in the alarm

•    Stopped working after  a week
•    The activation button and the silence button are the same color and can be confusing
•    Required a bit of jiggling and manipulation before it worked
•    Batteries had to be removed to deactivate it
•    Not very loud

Bear Gentleman 130dB Personal Alarm

Product Description

Bear Gentleman 130dB Personal Alarm is a professional private alarm that is concealed in an adorable teddy bear. It emits an extremely loud noise of 130 dBs. Activating the alarm is done by simply pulling out the alarm bolt. The alarm bolt needs to be plugged back in to deactivate the alarm. It can be worn with the included belt hoop or attached to a purse with the keychain.


•    A great way to conceal a personal alarm
•    The bear is very well made
•    The alarm is very loud when tested
•    Safer than using pepper spray on an attacker
•    Convenient to carry attached to a backpack


•    The alarm is not very loud
•    Seems more like a toy for children instead of a safety device
•    The long cord on the plugs makes it easy to accidentally get pulled

SABRE Runner Personal Alarm

Product Description

SABRE Runner Personal Alarm is a loud alarm with great range. It emits a piercing 130 dB sound that can call attention up to 1,000 feet away. The arm band is adjustable and fits all sizes. Wearing it feels comfortable with a no-itch Velcro strap that enables easy closure. The reflective material adds safety and visibility so drivers and witness can easily see the wearer in the dark.


•    The alarm is extremely loud
•    The sound can be heard from two football fields away
•    Easy to activate with just a pull of the ring
•    The wrist strap can be used in different ways including on purses, strollers and backpacks


•    Arrived with no batteries
•    Has been tested in a neighborhood setting, but no one came out to investigate
•    The alarm is not as loud as car alarms
•    Might aggravate certain situations like being attacked

ROBOCOPP SOS Personal Alarm

Product Description

ROBOCOPP SOS Personal Alarm is an ultra- compact personal alarm that sounds as loud as an ambulance or about 120 dBs. This alarm is TSA approved and can continuously emit sound for up to 30 minutes. Activation is simple- just pull the pin to set off the alarm. It includes a pre- installed carabiner to clip to a keychain or backpack. The alarm can tolerate low temperatures of up to -10*C.


•    Emits an extremely loud and unique chirping sound
•    Easy to activate just by pulling off the top loop
•    Well-designed and made of sturdy materials
•    Easy to clip on a purse of a keychain
•    More convenient to carry than a pepper spray


•    Made a barely audible noise when tested in an echo prone apartment
•    The volume level is very poor
•    Accidentally went off inside a school hallway

EPOSGEAR Metallic Purple Mini Minder

Product Description

EPOSGEAR Metallic Purple Mini Minder is a police approved personal alarm that emits an ear piercing sound of up to 140 dBs. Unlike products on the same category, the activation pin on this alarm is separate from the key ring. This feature helps to avoid accidental activation. Activating the alarm is done by simply pulling the pin.


•    Compact size that is great to keep in pockets or key rings
•    The alarm is loud and draws a lot of attention
•    The pin is nicely secured so false alarms are not likely to happen
•    Excellent quality for the price
•    Ships and gets delivered very fast


•    The pin keeps coming off and triggering false alarms
•    The alarm did not make a sound after accidentally pulling the pin of
•    Poorly made product

What Is a Personal Safety Alarm?

With just a push of a button, a personal safety alarm can draw attention to you while throwing off the attacker by producing a loud noise. The electronic device is small enough that you can take it anywhere and comes in a wide variety of designs, colours, shapes and sizes. Some can even be worn as jewelry.

Where Should I Use a Personal Safety Alarm?

One should always remain vigilant wherever they are. Whether you’re in a busy and crowded city or somewhere quiet, crime can and does happen anywhere. Consequently, it would be ideal to keep your personal safety alarm on you at all times.

However, there are some places and situations that are more dangerous than others where it would be wise to be extra cautious. For example, using public transport can make one more vulnerable to theft or attack. Tourists in particular are at risk, with many criminals assuming they are carrying a large amount of cash on them. What’s more, foreigners often do not their way around or who to contact in the case of emergency, making them easy prey.

Not even a leisurely stroll or a long run near your own home is completely safe. Those running, jogging, walking, hiking or cycling are vulnerable to attack. Do not assume that you are safe just because you did bring any of your valuables with you. Some will even attack you just to steal your shoes.

Even schools, colleges, libraries and your own workplace can leave you vulnerable – ironically because many assume these places are “safe.” People who leave work late, work underground or in isolated garages should especially be very vigilant.

Why Should I Buy a Personal Safety Alarm?

In addition to being inexpensive, portable and easy to use, they’re also one of the safer and less time-consuming ways to protect yourself. A knife or gun can be dangerous if you make a mistake or your assailant uses it against you. In addition, unlike these dangerous self-defense devices, personal safety alarms require no training or permits to use.. They also require no training and no legal permits.

Who Should Use a Personal Safety Alarm?

Ideally, everybody should use one. However, those who are more vulnerable to attack should especially think about purchasing one.Women traveling alone, children, and the elderly are particularly advised to use the device. Joggers, runners cyclists, commuters and tourists should also seriously contemplating purchasing an alarm.

There are even customized personal safety alarms available for these individuals. For those who enjoy jogging, some devices include a calorie counter and even a flashlight. Some personal safety alarms are built specifically for children, and a few even can help you track your child if they get lost. Some even work to help save kids from drowning.

Why Use a Personal Safety Alarm?

While in the middle of an attack, many often panic and freeze instead of screaming for help.

Sometimes, the assailant will cover your mouth, rendering you silent and unable to scream for help.

Remember, criminals are often on the prowl for easy targets, assuming they will be more successful in stealing or attacking a vulnerable tourist or a lone runner than others. The assailant will run after the personal safety alarm is activated, fearing the attention the loud noise will inevitably draw.

What’s more, personal safety alarms can also help others track you down if you find yourself lost or even trapped somewhere. It can also help save somebody’s else’s life. If you see somebody being assaulted, you could simply activate your own alarm to scare off the attacker.


To be effective, the alarm needs to have a distinctively loud noise people will not ignore. Some personal safety alarms sound like a woman screaming, which is certainly a noise that will gain attention while scaring off attackers.

In addition, the safety device needs to be as loud as a car alarm. It would ideally be over 130 decibels, with 138 decibels being ideal.That would mean people at least 300 feet away will be able to hear the sound. Although bigger than the others, a gas-operated personal safety alarm may be a good choice as they are particularly loud. Regardless of which you buy, do not be afraid to test the alarm beforehand in order to determine the sound is loud enough.


As you will need to carry your personal safety alarm at all times, make sure the device is easy to access and small enough to not be a hassle. Ideally, your alarm would be easy to hide. However, make sure that your device isn’t too small, otherwise the volume may not be as loud. Battery and alarm life may also be shorter in smaller alarms.


For your own safety, it is essential that your alarm is easy to use and activate. It’s a good idea to test the device at home at least once so you know what to do during an emergency.

Fortunately, there are a number of devices out there designed differently, so you can pick one that is best for you:

  • Keychain alarms are carried by hand, making it easy to access for those walking alone or at night. They often include a built-in flashlight.
  • Snap buckle alarms can be latched onto a purse or a backpack with a clip. It is activated by pulling either a cord of a wrist strap. As it will continue to make noises until the clip is put back on, a thief attempting to steal your bag will immediately draw attention to himself. This device is great for people carrying valuable laptops, handbags, backpacks and other similar items.
  • Back-clip alarms go over one’s waistband or belt. You active it by pulling a cord. This option is great for cyclists and joggers.
  • Door-window alarms are handy for tourists who want to stay extra protected in hotel or hostel rooms.


Make sure you know what kind of battery your alarm requires and be sure to keep it fully charged. Ideally, you should keep a spare battery on you just in case.When purchasing a personal safety alarm, be aware the battery affects the overall weight of the device. In addition, factor in the cost of battery replacement to your budget. To make life easier, try to buy an alarm that requires batteries easy to find and purchase.


From simple to sophisticated, there are a variety of personal safety alarms available on the market. However, generally speaking, the more technologically advanced devices tend to be more expensive. Some may even require a monthly or annual subscription.

You can even use some alarms in conjunction with your cell phone by downloading an app. There is also an option available to store numbers of emergency contacts and local authorities. Once the alarm is activated, the app will send a message to the numbers alerting them to your plight and providing your location. In addition, these alarms are designed to prevent accidental activation. You can even buy a silent version of one of these alarms.

There are also models that don’t require a cell phone. These devices have a built-in GPS and satellite system, which makes them an ideal option for those who like going outdoors or places where you can’t use a phone. The only downside is you need to be in an open-sky area for it to work. If you are in a dense forest or a cave, for example, your alarm will not work.


Personal safety ​ alarms range in prices, from just a few dollars to hundreds depending on​ sophistication.

Other Features:

Many models come with a built in flashlight which can come in useful if it’s dark and you need to locate something. ​Some personal safety alarms help drivers stay awake by making a loud noise when the person’s head tilts forward.

Styles and Designs:

Personal safety​ ​alarms come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, designs and colors.​ Many can double as jewellery, ranging from necklaces and bracelets to even a brooch. Others can be used as a key chain.

Regardless of what kind you buy, remember the most important thing is that the alarm is easy for you to use and accessible.

Advantages of Personal Safety Alarms Over Pepper Spray:

It’s not a bad idea to carry pepper spray as it can certainly offer you additional security. Still, however, in many ways personal safety alarms are better self-defense devices than sprays.

Unlike with the alarms, if not used properly, pepper sprays can harm you as well as the other person. In addition, oftentimes children, younger teenagers and sometimes the elderly are unable to safely and effectively use the pepper spray. Finally, many places – such as airplanes – forbid you from carrying pepper sprays, whereas there’s no restriction against personal alarms​.

Some Downsides to Personal Safety Alarms:

While inexpensive and easy to carry, there are some downsides. For one thing, the alarm may run out of battery. That is why it is important to make sure you keep a spare battery handy. For another, it’s not likely anybody will hear the loud noise if you are in an isolated area with nobody around you. Still, you may be able to frighten off the attacker, who could run away in alarm. Or maybe you are near people, but you’re not able to reach the alarm in time. This potential downside can easily be avoided, however, if you buy an alarm that is easy to access.

Are Personal Safety Alarm Effective?

Criminals will always prey on the weak and vulnerable, but these loud alarms can certainly frighten them off in the midst of an attack. In all likelihood, the noise will also alert others to your plight so they can come to your aid as well. With very little effort, you can easily save your life and valuables.

This is why these alarms are one of the most popular personal safety devices on the market.

Carrying these small devices around with you is a tiny price to pay for the protection it offers you.

Of course, be smart. If possible, try to avoid walking in the dark or in isolated areas. Travel in groups. Always be aware of your surroundings. But if you can’t, carrying a personal safety alarm can go a long way.

Stay safe.