Leading Pepper Spray Brands

Pepper spray is a widely available means of self-defense, and comes in convenient small-sized canisters that are reasonably priced. There are diverse brands to choose from that offer various products, such as key chain designs and devices with an extended range. Here is a profile of major sellers of pepper sprays and other self-protection products.

Sabre Red

sabre red logoWith a 35-year track record, this family owned and operated company, the Security Equipment Corporation, manufactures Sabre pepper spray and other safety products like Sabre Red Spitfire and Sabre Red Compact pepper spray. These devices are used by police departments worldwide, including the New York Police Department, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and the U.S. Customs & Border Protection. The company’s mission is to provide the safest and most effective personal safety sprays. Their tagline: “Making Grown Men Cry Since 1975.”

Fox Labs International

fox labs logoFounded in 1992, Fox Labs invested over 250,000 dollars in research with the intent to create the best less-lethal self-defense sprays possible. The company worked with leading chemists to develop formulas that resulted in Fox Premium Aerosol Defense Sprays that includes Fox Labs Mean Green pepper spray and Fox Labs Key Chain pepper spray. Their products are sold globally, from Mexico to Russia. The company developed and introduced the first 2 million (true) Scoville Heat Unit aerosol defense sprays (in varying formulas) in 1993-94.


UDAP logoBear deterrent pepper spray for personal defense is this company’s specialty. In 1992, the founder of the company, Mark Matheny, was hunting near Yellowstone National Park when he suffered a bear attack. His experience led him to create the company and encourage other people to carry potent self-defense weapons that are easily accessible. The company says it manufactures the “world’s hottest self-defense pepper spray,” available in several varieties, including the Jogger Fogger, Clip-On Commander.


vexor logoZarc International founded the first pepper spray, Cap-Stun, in 1982. Today the company offers less lethal pepper sprays and devices designed for military and law enforcement use. The company created Vexor Pepper Projectiles, which break on contact and therefore offer a less lethal approach to crowd control and and incapacitating individuals. Military, law enforcement officers, correctional officers, and security guards use this product, which is effective but does not cause serious injury.


asp logoFounded in 1976, this company designs innovative devices for law enforcement and has a product line with over 150 patents. The company is committed to “Protecting Those Who Protect.” Founder Kevin Parsons has a doctorate in Police Management from Michigan State University, is a premier expert witness defending police agencies, and a frequent lecturer and consultant. He brings a realistic, street-smart background to the design of ASP’s high-performance products, which include defense devices that deploy a cone-shaped spray with straight-line activation.

Cold Steel Inferno

cold steel logoSince 1980, Cold Steel Incorporated has been on the forefront of self-defense products, producing the strongest, sharpest knives on the market. The company also makes a pepper spray weapon that deploys a foam containing both red and black pepper. The foam is effective in temporarily blinding an assailant and dissolves on contact. The black pepper particles cause an sneeze reflex that sends the red pepper extract deep into the throat and lungs, which causes incapacitation and allows the victim to escape from harm’s way. The product can be wiped off with soap and water and is nonflammable.

Defense Technologies

defense technologies logoSafariland, the umbrella company for Defense Technologies, has a 50-year track record of providing products that protect law enforcement, military and security professionals. The company is committed to the creed, “Together, We Save Lives.” Founder Neale Perkins started a holster business in 1964, and later developed a concealable body armor design that has been widely used for security and defense purposes. Defense Technologies focuses on less lethal aerosol self-defense products designed for effectiveness and safety.

Guard Dog Security

guard dog security logoOffering tactical self defense products for over 20 years, this company developed the Concealed Inner Stun Technology, an innovative design in the stun gun industry. The company is focused on quality control, offers a lifetime warranty on all of their products, and sells an extensive line of security items used for personal self defense, including pepper spray products.