Best Stun Gun

                    Stun guns: everything you need to know for self defense purpose

A stun gun is designed to immobilize or stun the attacker. This is due to the administered shock. When it is activated, the electrical shock passes through the metal prongs. If you touch an attacker with this, it will render them motionless and cause a sharp pain.


Product Description

VIPERTEK VTS-989 is a heavy duty stun gun that includes an LED flashlight. It runs on an internal rechargeable battery and has a non-slip rubber coating. It has a snatch prevention feature which delivers a high voltage shock through the plates on the side of the unit in case of an attempt. Its ultra-sharp spike electrodes can get through thick clothing.


  • Looks sturdy and well-built
  • The lanyard makes it easy to carry and keeps it from being snatched away
  • Tested to make muscles convulse with just a very short shock
  • The shock plates will keep assailants from grabbing the device away
  • The battery can easily be recharged by simply plugging into a 120v outlet


  • Breaks after an hour to two days of use
  • Cheaply made
  • Does not sound like 88,000,000 volts
  • The grip for the fingers feel awkward
  • Too long to go unnoticed when worn in a belt

Streetwise Sting Ring

Product Description

Streetwise Sting Ring is a stun gun made in a discrete ring form. It features a Sting-N-Stun technology that lets the user activate the stun gun quickly and easily by a simple squeeze. The base unit can be hidden inside a closed fist, leaving only the sting ring exposed. This small and light weight device is ideal for outdoor exercises or just walking to and from your vehicle. A safety switch prevents accidental discharge of the device.


  • Easy to conceal
  • Easy to activate by squeezing
  • Fits perfectly in a pocket or worn around the fingers
  • The safety switch accessible by the thumb allows for discreet activation
  • Emits a loud and intimidating sound when activated


  • The unit does not charge
  • Great for scaring off the assailant, but not great for actual defense
  • Has zero zap power


Product Description

VIPERTEK VTS-195 is a heavy duty stun gun that includes an LED tactical flashlight. The stun gun shocks assailants with a maximum of 230,000,000 volts and features a 400 Lumen tactical field light. The body is made of Type III aircraft grade aluminum alloy with an anti-roll design, while the bulb offers up to 100,000 hours of light. No batteries are needed since the unit has an internal rechargeable battery.


  • The device is rechargeable
  • It has a very long battery life
  • The flashlight delivers a bright 450 to 500 lumens output
  • The loud sound can scare of animals and humans
  • The device is compact and well- constructed


  • The on and off switch at the bottom of the flashlight might trigger an accidental discharge if placed in a pocket or holster
  • The light is not bright enough
  • The power cord is extremely short at only 7 inches
  • The light does not come on unless the activation switch is also turned on

Hornet Keychain Stun Gun

Product Description

Hornet Keychain Stun Gun is a lightweight and compact safety device that packs 6 million volts of charge. It has a 3- LED flashlight and is powered by a rechargeable battery built inside the device. The exterior is fully encased in rubber material and has an attached keychain.


  • Small and powerful at the same time
  • Emits a scary and intimidating sound when activated
  • Very easy to charge using the built in charger
  • Looks like a normal keychain so it’s easy to conceal
  • The light is a good tactical addition


  • Test shows that it can hurt, but won’t stop an assailant
  • Is not 6,000,000 volts as advertised
  • Does not hold a charge
  • The shock intensity seems very weak
  • The plug does not fit the outlet properly

SABRE Stun Gun

Product Description

SABRE Stun Gun offers a 1.820 uC charge that induces ‘intolerable pain’ as described by the National Institute for Justice. It includes a 120-lumen LED flashlight with three settings: high, low and strobe. A safety switch prevents accidental discharge. The unit comes with a rechargeable internal battery, a clip and a belt holster.


  • The flashlight works well in temporarily blinding an assailant
  • A great alternative to pepper sprays and taking martial arts classes
  • The flashlight is very powerful
  • Heavy duty and very strongly built
  • Tested to cause enough pain to stop an attacker and give the user time to run for help


  • Light and stun functions cannot be activated at the same time
  • Might not work on thick clothes such as a puffy winter jacket
  • Does not seem to be waterproof
  • The unit did not come with the recharge cord and DVD
  • Cannot be purchased and brought into some countries because it is classed as a disguised firearm

Walking Cane/Flashlight Stun Gun

Product Description

This self- defense product is a stun cane and flashlight rolled into one safety device. The walking cane is adjustable from 32 inches to 36 inches and has a weight capacity of 250 lbs. The stun gun carries a 1,000,000 volt charge and is rechargeable. The box comes with a wall charger and a carrying case.


  • Great for senior citizens
  • The sound of the stun gun is enough to scare away offending animals or attackers
  • A cane is more convenient to use than a gun or pepper spray
  • A weapon conveniently concealed as a walking cane
  • The flashlight is effective in blinding attackers


  • Product is poorly made and poorly designed
  • The product stopped working after being charged for the first time
  • Reported to cause burns when the product is turned on
  • Received with defects
  • The manufacturers do not send replacement parts

O-Mega Star Warrior Non-Projectile Stun Gun

Product Description

O-Mega Star Warrior Non-Projectile Stun Gun features a fully- electrified shaft that prevents an attacker from grabbing it away. The 19-inch gun delivers 150,000 volts and is widely used by military, law enforcement, security and animal control agencies. It uses two regular 9v Duracell batteries.


  • Tested to put down a person within a second
  • The sparks and crackling sound from the gun is enough to scare away animals
  • High quality and heavy duty product
  • Being able to use regular batteries is great when there is no place to recharge

Can be used as a baton once the batteries are discharged


  • Very cheaply made
  • The product on the video does not match how it functions in actual
  • The batteries a loose and jiggle around in the handle
  • The device is too big to wear on one’s hip
  • The box that it came in is in a very bad condition

MyPhaser X10

Product Description

MyPhaser X10 is 10,000,000 volt police grade stun gun disguised in a realistic cell phone design. It can stop an assailant for more than 30 minutes and can get through heavy clothing such as thick coats and leather jackets. The product comes with a charger, a black carrying case, and a video tutorial.


  • Does not look like a typical stun gun, so it can be brought at work without any trouble
  • The device is very lightweight
  • The device is easily activated by switching on the bottom switch and pressing the side button
  • It makes a loud zapping sound that makes people jump
  • Great alternative to carrying guns


  • The voltage in the product description is overinflated

             The factors you should consider when purchasing a stun gun

Before you purchase a stun gun, consider the following features:

The voltage: Don’t think of a stun gun that has less than one million volts. The stronger stun guns deliver about 5-40 million volts. The shock depends on the voltage. If the voltage is high, an intense the shock will be delivered.

The battery: They are bought with replaceable batteries or batteries that can be recharged. The size, strength and type of the battery are important.  These determine the shock duration that you will deliver.

The type of the battery will determine the dependability of the delivered shock and the ability of the stun gun to deliver a maximum shock capability.

The one with a dead battery is rendered useless. Batteries that can be recharged tend to diminish over time.

The size: If you plan to carry the stun gun always, a compact stun gun may be the best choice for you. If your aim is to protect your property, a heavy duty gun will give the best results as you try to maintain the shock perpetrator again if need be.

The safety feature: look for a stun gun that has a safety mechanism if you have small children. Also in case, you will be shoving the gun into the pocket regularly. The feature should be robust and easy to use. The firearms safety features should be applicable here.

The quality: the quality of the stun guns varies from one brand to another. You should check different brands for you to choose the brand you want. You can only tell the difference after testing different stun guns. Don’t think of sacrificing the quality of a stun gun for a price.

                               A guide to buying a stun gun

Owning a stun gun is a personal choice. It is for you to decide, this depends on your lifestyle and needs. If you want to acquire one, you should understand about its usage.

Ensure that your gun comes with a belt clip or a carrying case. This will prevent any accidental charges.

Most people don’t like to be seen walking around with a self-defense weapon. A real gun may be cumbersome to walk around with. Small weapons like the stun gun can be carried around easily. How can you choose the best when there are many options? How can you know the correct model or size for you?

The following tips can help you to choose one from the rest:

The legality of the stun guns in your state

Before you purchase a stun gun, ensure that they are acceptable in your state. Know all the states that restrict the ownership of stun guns. This will help you when traveling to another state.

The type of gun you want

There various types of these weapons. Choose a stun gun that will best satisfy your needs.

Where to carry the gun and how

In this case, the size and type of the stun gun are important. This will help you to understand the type of stun gun that will best suit your needs. In case you are a security man, the stun baton will be of much use for you. This can be carried on the belt without any difficult.

In case you are walking in a dark area, the stun gun flashlight can be the best choice. This will work as a weapon and a source of light.

Can it be comfortable to use?

This is paramount. It doesn’t matter the type of gun you are using. You should feel comfortable when using the defense item. This is during a dangerous situation. You can train at home before you start using it.

Various styles of stun guns

The standard stun guns

These are effective and they use a battery of 9-volt and it is technology powered. These standard guns are among the powerful weapons on the market. These guns can easily fit in the hand and can be put in a holster loops.

These guns have an old look which ensures that the assailant gets to know that the gun is effective.

The gun is beneficial because it can be held comfortably in the hand. The drawback of these gadgets is that they are considered as male accessories.

This is a great tool, but it lets the attacker know what you are after. This can give them a chance to disarm you in a surprise attack.

The mini guns

These guns use CR2 camera type batteries. This helps them to produce the current. They have a small size that makes them less cumbersome. You can attach one to your belt and it is easy to conceal it when there is a crisis.

This can be used by females without any problem. They are available in colors that are appealing to women.

These stun guns are powerful. They can be concealed easily or carried on the belt or in a purse. It is good for any adult.

The cell phone type of stun guns

This is another category of stun guns. It delivers an instant deterring power. They can be used during unexpected attack. You can defend and protect yourself at any time with a cell phone stun gun.

Nobody will have a chance detect it and try to disarm you. They will not be able to plan a surprise attack. This will give you the chance to escape for help.

This type is preferred by students and professionals.  You can carry it around in the hand with any suspicion. This gives the user the benefit of unexpected attack.

The stun batons

These are good for the guards, dog walkers, bouncers, and the dog walkers. They are hard to conceal because they are big. It can be used by anyone who wants some security. The stun flashlights can be classified under this category.

Since it is visible and produces some sound, it can send the attacker away. This type of gun can be used to deter the dangerous animals.

These type of guns have inbuilt features that deter the attacker from grabbing the gun. They are very scary and act as a deterrent. They will scare off the vicious animals with the sound and by sight.

The only drawback is that they are large and hard to be concealed.

                             The voltage of the gun that you should choose

This is an important factor to consider when choosing a gun. This measures the force that produces the current. It also determines the speed at which the current moves. It cannot determine the power of the current.

Higher voltage only needs few seconds to exhaust the attacker’s muscles. Current is the amount of the electrons moving through the muscles. If the current is increased, it can cause more harm to the attacker.

You can determine the difference of the voltages among the stun guns by the amount of time you hold the gun on the attacker.

Choose a gun from a manufacturer whose warranty is lifetime and has been operating in the industry for quite long.

                            The main features that the stun gun possesses

This is the fourth factor that should not be left out when choosing a stun gun. Different guns have different features. Choose a stun gun according to your needs and how you will use it.

The features include:

Stun gun disable pin. This deters the attacker from grabbing the gun. It has a strap that fits around the user’s wrist, it if it is pulled away from the hand it cannot function. You may consider carrying the pepper spray to use in case this happens.

The holster. You should consider this feature when buying a stun gun. It should be easy to access in critical situations. You can also carry the gun on the belt. This will keep the attackers off in most cases.

Rechargeable batteries. This will help you to save some coins. It is a little bit expensive as compared to others, but at long last, it is an easy way to save. Some of the guns have an inbuilt plug for charging. This will allow you to charge directly.

The alarm. The alarm is used to send off the attackers. This may scare the attacker off. It is an important feature to consider when buying a stun gun.

The Flashlight. This will shine on the attacker’s eyes thus, blurring their vision. This can give you the advantage to use it on their body. This can also be used to find out your way you are in darkness.

The safety caps. These are used to cover the gun so as to prevent any accidental discharge.

The power lights. They are used to show when the gun is powered on and off.

The above are some of the things you should consider when buying this self-defense weapon.

                             Various categories

The traditional style

People are used to this type of guns. They use a toggle, one or more than nine-volt batteries, less than one million volts, test probes that are facing inwards, and the extended electrodes.

They still use the older technology and available in different sizes. This depends on the number of batteries that they use. Their style is curved and the hop is slanted.

The stun baton style

They look like a stick. They vary in lengths and have the contact electrodes at the end. They offer some distance.  Some are telescopic. The electricity can run to one or more extensions. You can touch the attacker with any point of the extension.

They have a replaceable or rechargeable battery.  Most of these have less than one million volts.

The mini style. This is most popular style because of the compact size. They are rectangular in shape. At the top of the gun, the electrodes are flat and they are tear drop shaped. They are powered by internal rechargeable or CR123 lithium batteries. It offers a great range of volts.

The disguised style. They are disguised to look like items that are harmless. Some of them are the lipstick and the cell phone styles. They can use a replaceable or rechargeable battery.

The misc styles. These guns take different shapes. They range from tampon, sticks, or brass knuckles.

                     How the stun gun works

The stun gun is powered by batteries.  The power moves through various transformers which enhance the voltage and reduces the amperage. The charge is build up in the capacitor and then released in through the electrodes.

Ensure that you target the large muscles and the upper torso. A one-second touch will repel and startle the assailant.  A four-second touch can make the attacker fall to the ground resulting in confusion. This will give a chance to escape.

If you touch the attacker for more than five seconds, the attacker will lose balance and muscle control. It will also make them to mental disorientation and confusion.

The stun gun does not produce any sound when touching the assailant. You can not be affected by the charge under any conditions.

Some guns can shock you even when they have not been fired.

Some of the guns may keep a small charge in the capacitor after touching the assailant. Ensure that you touch a metal to release all the charge fully.

                           The pros and cons of a stun gun

These protection gadgets have their own advantages and disadvantages. This is not a killing attacker. It disrupts the neuromuscular system and the shock lasts for a short period. It only leaves some red marks temporarily on the skin.

The Nova technologies inc. is the manufacturer and developer of the stun guns in the US. They were introduced in 1982; more than three hundred thousand are sold to the civilians.

The stun guns have outlawed some states. In some states, a permit is required to own a stun gun. For the gadget to work, it should touch the attacker. This makes the gadget to be of great use in nature and impractical for offensive use.

The blue sparks and the crackling noise can make the attacker to fear. This happens when the stun gun is activated. It is the regarded as an attacker friendly gadget.

The stun gun can be used by anybody who is ready to use it. They are mostly used by the policemen.

The stun guns come in different shapes. This makes them easy to use effectively and quickly. Many of them are more practical and discreet to carry.

They include the stun gun flashlight, the baton, the pen, the raptor, the stick, and the small fry mini stun gun.

They require less accuracy. These can deter an attacker from attacking.

The stun gun can be used multiple times as long as the battery is charged.

It can be used against many various assailants or multiple times on one attacker when they are wearing heavy clothing.

They are affordable. It does not require a large investment to purchase this kind of gadget.

They require a minimum way of registration in areas that the stun guns are legal.


Do intensive researches before you purchase any stun gun. Some are under-powered. They will only sting the attacker.

The attacker must get closer in order to use the stun gun. This means you must be close to stabbed or struck.

In case the attacker has a large weapon, the stun gun can be useless. Also when the attacker is from behind and is at discreet enough.

                         Different types of stun guns

There are various types of stun guns in the market, they include the following:

The flashlight stun gun

The stun guns are accepted as nonlethal weapons and legal in various states. This will give most individuals a sense of relief if they are worried about their safety. These weapons can be used when you are walking in an isolated area, if you are living alone, and when you want to prevent a targeted attack.

The flashlight stun gun is good when you are worried about your security at night. It is two in one item. The flashlight can be used to illuminate your way and will show where the attacker is so as to direct your stun gun there.

It is easy to operate this kind of stun guns. They can deliver more than one million volts. This can give more time to get away from the attacker and find some help. They have some accessories like the alarms, wrist straps, and the holsters.

The compact

You can find these stun guns in different sizes and shapes. They are designed for easy mobility and concealment.

Some of them can be attached to the key ring. Others have a small flashlight and shaped as brass knuckles. You can easily find the one that best suits your needs.

The heavy duty

These are designed for home defense or tactical situations. Most of these stun guns are heavy and have a battery that is strong. They are a little bit expensive as compared to the others.

They serve more purposes than the compact items which have a ‘just in case’ measure. They can be used as a pepper spray or a guard dog.

The stun baton

They are long like the police baton. These stun guns allow some distance between the victim and the assailant. It can be utilized as a melee weapon.  You can use a whack or two in case the stun does not stop the attacker.

                     Where to buy

The stun guns are found in various stores like the hardware stores, outdoor gear shops, local weapon dealers, and the sporting stores.

Find out where they are sold in your area. Spy the gun stores, shows, and swap meets. This will help you to have an experience with the guns at first hand.

They are easily available at online stores. But, the stun guns cannot be shipped if your state prohibits the ownership of electroshock weapons. Before you acquire one, research about your state, local laws, and the federal system.

Buy it from someone who is knowledgeable about the guns. The seller should be in a position to answer all your questions about the gun. This is because different guns have different qualities, safety features, styles, and their performance.

These guns are more efficient than the pepper spray. The pepper spray can be more effective if you have experience in using it.  Most people who carry the pepper spray around may not be having the experience in using it. Therefore, they have no idea on how to use them effectively.

For the stun guns, you don’t need any experience


                         Why you need a stun gun

These items will help you to take an extra precaution. This is when they are allowed in your state. When it comes to weapons that are not lethal or they require no skills or knowledge to use, the stun guns are the best. They are affordable; you can get a decent weapon under $100.

They can be used to complement other weapons like the pepper spray when you are in a sticky situation.

The stun gun can be so effective and intimidating. A jolt can work better if the assailant is not deterred by a crack.

If you need something that you can walk with or carry around, ensure that you make an informed choice about the stun guns.

They are good for anyone who needs personal defense. This is because they possess the following characteristics:

  • You don’t have to be trained
  • There is no need of ammunitions
  • They are not lethal
  • They can be used in any weather condition

If you acquire a stun gun, then you have a weapon that will provide you with reliable self-defense. This type of gun delivers a high voltage shock when it comes into contact with the skin. This will deliver an involuntary contraction and a painful shock to the surrounding muscles.

The main aim is to scare off the assailant so that you can escape. You don’t have to purchase the best on the market for you to accomplish this goal. They are all pleasing and come in different forms and shapes. You can easily acquire one without a hustle.

                       Ownership and the use of a stun gun

In some states and cities, the ownership and use of stun guns are illegal. Those that allow the use and ownership of these devices, they are covered and the states’ laws.

The states regulate these defensive weapons. They refer them as offensive, deadly, or dangerous tools and weapons. It is the state that will determine whether the stun gun falls to any of these categories.

Are these weapons legal?

You should know the legality of these items before you acquire one for yourself. In most states, they are illegal, for example, Michigan, Hawaii, New York, New Jersey, Washington D.C, Wisconsin, and the Rhode Island.

They are prohibited in Crawford County IA, Baltimore County, Baltimore MD, Philadelphia PA, Chicago IL, and the Annapolis MD.

The ownership of the stun gun can be regulated as follows when the state has not legislated on the subject of the stun guns:

Defensive weapons and the weapons. If a state has a regulation referring to any weapon, it will usually apply to the stun guns.

The projectile tools. This does not cover the stun guns. It only covers the gadgets that fire a projectile. A good example is the Tasers.

Extreme pain, death, and serious injuries. The weapons that can cause these injuries are included in the regulation. The stun guns are included since they can cause extreme pain.

Weapons that can cause death or serious injury readily. The stun guns can not cause any death. It is only some pain. Therefore they may not be regulated in some states.

The weapons that cause death instantly or readily.  The stun guns rarely cause death. The state may not include them in this category.

The unspecified deadly, offensive, or dangerous weapons. The stun guns may be categorized in this group in some states.

The permits for the stun guns in your state

 From the above, it important to know whether you need a permit to own or walk around with a stun gun. This depends on the local law and the state and how the weapons have been regulated.

To be on the safe side, contact the local law enforcement office and enquire. You can also check out online, access the state website that administers weapon permits. Read about the gun laws and the permits carefully.



  • Keep the stun gun in a safe place. It should be away from the children. You can keep it in your bedroom or on top of a cabinet. This is important because the kids may have serious injuries with the stun gun. Be careful always, where you keep the stun gun.
  • Understand the lifespan of the batteries. Know when to replace or recharge them. This depends on how you use the gadget. Recharge it when the power is out. When testing the spark, ensure that the right procedure is followed. As directed by the manufacturer.
  • Point the stun gun away from yourself when you are using it. This will help you not to stun yourself accidentally. The fingers should be placed away from the electrodes. You may trigger the gun accidentally.
  • Don’t taste the gun on any person who is not your attacker. You can do this by triggering the gun and observing the spark. You can discharge the current on a metal. You can the safer methods only.
  • Be careful on where you direct the stun gun. It may ignite explosive things.
  • Don’t discharge or test the gun into the air more than a second. This will harm it and make any warranty void.
  • You should not use the gun around gas stations, rooms with flammable gases, and other explosions.
  • Don’t touch the probes when firing the gun.